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~ The "Chakra" Jewelery which everyone is talking about NOW! 

The energy of white light penetrates our aura by breaking down into seven colors that penetrate into each of our energy centers, our seven chakras.

Each color energy fulfills a specific function in the body and is related to a chakra. The powerful vibrations emitted by the colors have a regulating effect on our organism. Each chakra vibrates on the frequency of a particular color. The vibratory energy of this color stimulating its chakra, creates an endocrine reaction and acts on our cells. This action is both physical and psychic.

Orange stimulates our vital forces by toning organs, glands and sexual functions. It allows the abandonment of blocked emotions. A bright orange can encourage to be more positive, more dynamic and more courageous. It promotes a good opinion of oneself and develops the pleasures of the senses.

Each bracelet is handcrafted for the highest quality, crafted from eco-friendly material and expert finishing techniques.

Material: Semi-Precious Stones 
Associates: Zinc alloy & leather 
Adjustable length 
ITEM: OT-00278


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The creations presented by ROBBIE & SONS are manufactured with the utmost care. To preserve the beauty of your bracelets over time, we recommend that you make sure that they do not come in contact with perfumes, soaps, chemicals or cosmetics, as this could alter the color and the natural appearance of the materials. It is recommended to wait for the complete drying of your perfumes and cosmetics before wearing your jewelry. We recommend that you clean them with a soft, dry cloth.

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